Top 5 UX Books you should have read by now

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Information architecture, user experiences, good conversion, user-friendly interfaces – every designer should know about the best practices and introduce them effectively in his work. Newbies, however, can be quite scared of all this. How to approach UX design and delight your customers? These books are not collections of tutorials that will help you make the best interfaces. The book authors … Read More

50+ fantastic free tools for designers

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One of the very best things about the Web is the great tools that the community keeps on delivering. We love discovering new stuff almost as much as we love bringing it to you. This great selection has over 50 free resources including coding tools for developers, icons sets, fonts, PSD and vector design sets, patterns and flat UI kits, … Read More

Stop Wasting Users’ Time

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Our users are precious about their time and we must stop wasting it. On each project ask two questions: “Am I saving myself time at the expense of the user?” and “How can I save the user time here?” What is the single most precious commodity in Western society? Money? Status? I would argue it is time. We are protective of … Read More

The Lean UX Manifesto: Principle-Driven Design

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My colleague Ajay and I have been working at incorporating lean UX at the enterprise level for over two years. In studying it, I find that there’s a temptation to lay down rules, and if the rules aren’t followed… well, then, you can’t call it lean UX. At the end of the day, though, some lean UX is better than none. … Read More