Hello! I'm Anastasia nestroevaia

My belief is that the success of the project depends on how simple, natural, fun and efficient the process is. With all my curiosity about design and technology, I want to deliver cutting-edge, aesthetic, functional and user-centered products to successfully improve our experience and life.

Unique platform
for crypto

MSQ Project – is a platform where crypto traders, users of crypto applications and creators meeting each other during a mutually beneficial collaboration.

MSQ lets people use dApps, trade  tokens, buy and sell NFTs, present there crypto based projects by easy and intuitive process. Validators Рusers with high activity can earn tokens by taking a part in verification process, also creators get relevant contests from advanced users. 

All this opportunities – is the first all-in-one crypto platform MSQ.

Magic Store




Dating application

Based on a smart algorithm dating Application whose whole purpose is to find one or the other for you based on common interests, hobbies and everything that can really make you find the perfect partner.

UX/UI Designer

My Role


UX/UI Designer

My Role